Does Grubhub Require Proof of Insurance 2024? (What To Know!)

Because most standard auto policies only cover private, not commercial, usage of a vehicle, you may need special coverage if you wish to transport meals for Grubhub. Since Grubhub does not have insurance, if you are involved in an accident while working for the firm, you will be held financially responsible for any damages.

Can food be delivered without insurance or other safety measures? is an issue that will be addressed in this article. You may find out more if you keep reading this article.

Does Grubhub Require Proof of Insurance?

Does Grubhub Require Proof of Insurance
Does Grubhub Require Proof of Insurance

As a potential employee of Grubhub, you may be asked to show evidence of insurance to a company representative. Grubhub may seek proof of business insurance from you to verify that you have the minimum coverage required by law in your jurisdiction.

If you use Grubhub, your insurance carrier may be contacted to verify coverage. You may be denied as a driver on Grubhub if you are unable to present proof of insurance.

Our team of specialists has analyzed the finest auto insurance companies and determined which ones are accepted by Grubhub. The finest insurance options for Grubhub drivers are shown below.

Coverage for business uses is an add-on to a standard homeowner’s insurance. When utilized only for work purposes, it can safeguard your vehicle. When you sign up to be a Grubhub driver, you’ll have the option to purchase business-use coverage insurance to protect your car while you’re making deliveries.

Business auto insurance policies safeguard fleets of company cars. Even if commercial regulations are very restrictive for Grubhub drivers, this may be the best choice for you.

However, for a somewhat higher premium each month, the vast majority of insurance companies will let you include coverage for commercial usage.

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Can You Deliver Food Without Insurance?

You can’t deliver food without insurance, and Grubhub won’t hire you unless you have it.

However, consider this. Will you be willing to accept the chance of delivering food without commercial auto coverage or an endorsement for food delivery?

Food delivery drivers without commercial or business–use coverage are essentially uninsured.

Emergency medical care following an accident, for instance, is often covered by provincial health plans. However, rehabilitation and long-term care expenses remain the responsibility of the driver.

Since settlement fees for at-fault drivers might approach $200,000, you can also make sure your automobile insurance policy provides appropriate coverage for these goods and liability protection.

Also, remember that your auto insurance coverage might be voided if the insurer finds out that your driving habits have changed without you informing them.

Grubhub Insurance Requirements

Grubhub’s “car insurance” requirement. GrubHub, on the other hand, does not specify a minimum coverage requirement and may not mandate any insurance at all. The company that insures your automobile will.

Getting proper coverage for yourself and your vehicle requires knowing that Grubhub does not provide any automobile insurance to its drivers.

Does Grubhub Offers Health Insurance

GrubHub has teamed up with Stride to facilitate the acquisition of cheap medical coverage for drivers. The following conditions must be met in order to obtain medical coverage:

At least 15 hours per week of productive delivery time

Submission of proof of current hospitalization in an approved health plan no later than 15 days following the calendar month in question.

Be covered by an acceptable health insurance policy. In contrast to Medicare and most employer-sponsored health plans, “qualified” health plans are those to which you personally subscribe.

Drivers at this level make deliveries for a minimum of 15 hours per week and a maximum of 25 hours per week.

Drivers with 25 or more hours of active delivery time each week are considered Level 2 drivers.

When these conditions are satisfied, you can choose between two forms of insurance, depending on how long it will take you to deliver the goods in total. The Grubhub for Drivers app has all the necessary ordering details.

Does DoorDash Require Proof of Insurance?

It’s true that having insurance is a must for working with DoorDash. In the case of an accident or damage to property, while making active deliveries, DoorDash additionally provides a business motor insurance policy with coverage of up to $1,000,000.

If you’re a “active delivery” driver for DoorDash, it means you’re only insured when making deliveries and not while driving for your own purposes.

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Because your personal auto coverage probably won’t apply to your job as a Grubhub driver, you may need business auto insurance.

If you get into an accident while working for Grubhub but don’t have business insurance, you could have to pay for the damages yourself.

Get in touch with your insurance company and ask about commercial usage policies or policies covering vehicles used for business.

Adding basic business coverage to your insurance is usually possible for a little premium.

You may also shop around for the best deal on business auto insurance online and compare it to Grubhub’s coverage to discover what’s best for you.


Here are 5 short FAQs on whether Grubhub requires proof of insurance:

  1. Does Grubhub require drivers to have insurance? Yes, Grubhub requires drivers to have insurance. Ordinary car insurance may not cover you while working for Grubhub. If you cause an accident while driving for Grubhub, you could be liable for any damages.
  2. What kind of insurance do I need to drive for Grubhub? You need commercial auto insurance when driving for Grubhub. Your personal car insurance policy will not cover you while driving for Grubhub. Instead, you need to buy on-demand delivery insurance, also known as business-use car insurance or commercial car insurance coverage.
  3. Does Grubhub provide insurance for drivers? No, Grubhub does not provide insurance for drivers. You cannot buy car insurance through Grubhub, nor can you make a car insurance claim through Grubhub.
  4. How does Grubhub verify my insurance? Before working for Grubhub, you may need to provide proof of insurance to a Grubhub representative. Grubhub may need to see a copy of your commercial coverage policy to verify you meet the minimum insurance requirements for your state.
  5. What happens if I don’t have insurance while driving for Grubhub? If you don’t have insurance while driving for Grubhub, you could be liable for any damages caused in an accident. You could also face legal penalties for driving without insurance.