Why Does Grubhub Say Closed? (Exact Reason!) 2024

Grubhub is an easy-to-use app that offers meal delivery to consumers in 3,200 towns across the United States. However, during busy periods, Grubhub’s service might be inconsistent, making it less than ideal for ordering takeout.

And the same holds true for competing services like Doordash. The contractor-based nature of the delivery services contributes to this, and it may be quite inconvenient if your purchase keeps getting canceled or delayed. It’s also possible for the app to falsely indicate that a restaurant is closed while in fact it is open for business.

Why Does Grubhub Say Closed?

Why Does Grubhub Say Closed
Why Does Grubhub Say Closed

Restaurants that are actually operating may show as closed on Grubhub. This may be due to the restaurant’s unusual operating hours (e.g., holidays) or because they have temporarily turned off their Grubhub service.

If you want to know why Grubhub and other apps like Doordash often list restaurants as closed when they are actually open, read on.

Why Is Grubhub Getting Canceled?

During peak periods like the evening, delivery apps and restaurants may become overwhelmed. When you’re hungry and anticipating dinner, having your order suddenly canceled is frustrating.

If the restaurant does not confirm the order, or if any other delivery issues arise, the order may be canceled.

A restaurant’s failure to confirm an order is the most prevalent cause of cancellations on Grubhub. If the restaurant doesn’t respond to confirm the order within 15 minutes, it will be canceled and the money reimbursed. With certain merchants, refunds for canceled orders may take up to five business days to appear in your account.

Order changes, restaurants running out of ingredients, and technological issues are among the potential causes of order cancellation. If you wish to assist restaurants in reducing order cancellations, you may do so by placing orders during slower business hours or by making your orders as basic as possible.

Why Is Grubhub Always Delayed?

Besides being canceled, orders placed via Grubhub may have delays for a variety of reasons. Weather and traffic are only two of the many factors that might cause a lag in the delivery of an item.

A crowded restaurant is the most typical cause of a Gubhub delivery delay. The driver may be delayed if he or she must deal with inclement weather or heavy traffic.

There are a few things you may do if your Grubhub order has been delayed. Making sure the order went through in the app should be your first step. If everything seems in order, you might try contacting the eatery or the delivery person.

It is recommended to get in touch with the driver if the meal has been prepared and is on its way but is taking too long to arrive. They can explain the holdup and reassure you that your meal is on the way. If the meal is not ready when the driver arrives, or if there is a problem with the food, it is best to call the restaurant.

Your order may have been delayed, but the restaurant should be able to explain why and assist you in resolving the issue. Calling Grubhub’s support team may be essential if you are unable to resolve your issue with the driver or the restaurant.

Why Does Grubhub Say a Restaurant Is Closed When It Is Open?

It has been said that Doordash, another delivery app, has patchy performance at times. Cancellations of orders are common, and it is not uncommon for restaurants to falsely indicate that they are closed while they are open for business.

When using Doordash, certain eateries may appear closed even if they are actually open. This typically occurs when restaurants have strange hours or when the establishment decides to stop offering Doordash delivery.

It’s very uncommon for restaurants to temporarily suspend Doordash deliveries when they’re swamped with business. Unfortunately, this is sometimes unavoidable in crowded eateries with a wide variety of clientele.

If this occurs, you may want to phone ahead to make sure the restaurant is indeed closed. You may choose to contact Doordash if the restaurant is, in fact, open. This aids them in monitoring and improving their quality indicators.

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On evenings when you don’t feel like cooking, apps like Grubhub and Doordash come in handy. Order cancellations, delays, and other antics may be annoying when all you want to do is sit down and eat.

This is why it’s crucial to learn the ins and outs of food delivery in an effort to reduce order cancellations and save money for eateries. One method to achieve this is to place your order at a slack period of the day.

Feel free to voice any concerns or ask any questions you might have below.


  1. Why does Grubhub show that a restaurant is closed?
    • Grubhub relies on the information provided by restaurants regarding their operating hours. If a restaurant updates its status to “closed” on the Grubhub platform, it will be reflected in the app.
  2. Can a restaurant be closed on Grubhub but open for walk-in customers?
    • Yes, there might be instances where a restaurant is marked as closed on Grubhub but remains open for walk-in customers. Restaurants have the flexibility to manage their online presence, and discrepancies can occur.
  3. What should I do if Grubhub says a restaurant is closed, but I know it’s open?
    • If you believe a restaurant is open despite Grubhub indicating it is closed, you may want to contact the restaurant directly to confirm their hours. Additionally, you can reach out to Grubhub customer support to report the discrepancy.
  4. Can Grubhub’s restaurant hours change throughout the day?
    • Yes, restaurants can update their hours on Grubhub to reflect changes throughout the day. It’s advisable to check the app for real-time information or contact the restaurant directly for the most accurate details.
  5. Why does Grubhub show some restaurants as closed during peak hours?
    • Restaurants on Grubhub may adjust their availability based on factors such as staffing, demand, or kitchen capacity. If a restaurant is marked as closed during peak hours, it may be due to operational considerations.