What Is Amazon Fresh? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Grocery shopping and delivery services are offered by a growing number of retailers. With the availability of both curbside pickup and home delivery, long trips to the supermarket are now unnecessary.

One of the more recent services that do this is Amazon Fresh. The question is, what is Amazon Fresh and how can I get started with it?

What Is Amazon Fresh?

What Is Amazon Fresh
What Is Amazon Fresh

The Amazon Fresh grocery delivery and pick-up service is available in many US cities. The Amazon Fresh service is available to Prime members and consumers with invites to shop for groceries and other home supplies.

Read on to find out all you need to know about Amazon Fresh, from the basics of the service to the primary contrasts between Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, and much more besides….

Explain Amazon Fresh to me, Please

What Brands Does Amazon Fresh Offer?

Amazon Fresh carries primarily Amazon-branded necessities, but also offers certain well-known brands and goods.

Beverage Brands:

  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters
  • AHA
  • Pepsi
  • Coke
  • Starbucks
  • Aquafina
  • Nestle
  • Dasani
  • Arizona
  • Zevia
  • Vita Coco
  • Bubly
  • Pure Leaf
  • TAZO

Dairy and Eggs Brands:

  • Fresh
  • Happy Belly
  • 365 Whole Foods

Snack Food Brands:

  • Aplenty
  • Annie’s
  • Kettle
  • Boom Chicka Pop
  • Smartfood
  • Lays
  • Doritos
  • Mott’s
  • Dole
  • Philadelphia
  • Tostitos

Produce Farms and Brands:

  • Taylor Farms
  • Gotham Greens
  • Little Leaf Farms
  • Organicgirl
  • Earthbound Farm
  • Ocean Spray
  • Fyffes
  • Wonderful Halos
  • D’Anjou
  • Zespri

Household Supply Brands:

  • Ziploc
  • Glade
  • Febreze
  • Bounty
  • Shout
  • Kleenex
  • Tide
  • Betty Crocker

Because not all Amazon Fresh locations are the same, the brands they carry may change from one city to the next.

Entering your zip code at the Amazon Fresh website can let you see what brands are and aren’t available in your area.

Is Amazon Fresh Its Own Grocery Store?

Yes, Amazon Fresh is a network of standalone retail outlets. You may save money and get exactly what you want by going out and buying it personally instead of using an online service.

However, most customers take advantage of the delivery and pickup service since it saves them time and effort.

Where Is Amazon Fresh Available?

Amazon Fresh has multiple storefronts and is expanding rapidly. The following US cities presently stock them:

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • Phoenix
  • Philadelphia
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC


Amazon’s new grocery delivery service is now available to anybody in or around these locations.

If you want to see if Amazon Fresh delivers to your region or if you can arrange for a pickup, all you have to do is enter your zip code on the Amazon Fresh website.

Amazon Fresh is expanding rapidly, so if it isn’t yet available in your region, check back in a few months.

Where Does Amazon Fresh Get Its Groceries?

Amazon stocks its shelves with products from many different manufacturers. Brands like Philadelphia and Motts may be found in mass merchandisers like Walmart and Target. Amazon Fresh may now offer clients a one-stop-shop alternative to traditional supermarkets thanks to this development.

Amazon Fresh, on the other hand, is increasingly carrying its own brands, such as 365 Whole Foods, Fresh, and Happy Belly.

Can I Buy Alcohol From Amazon Fresh?

AmazonFresh does provide alcohol delivery, so drink up! They are able to provide their consumers a wide selection of services because of their partnerships with various local eateries and liquor stores.

Customers who order alcoholic beverages must be home at the time of delivery to provide identification. If the recipient cannot verify their age upon delivery or is not present at the time of delivery, the package will be sent back to the distributor.

In areas where Whole Foods stores are located, Amazon Fresh customers will have access to a wider variety of alcoholic beverages.


Is Amazon Fresh Exclusive For Prime Members?

For the time being, Amazon Fresh is available only to Prime members and those who have been extended an invitation to shop there.

Try out Amazon Prime risk-free with a 30-day free trial. Amazon Fresh is available to all Prime members, even those with free trials or the Amazon Prime Student subscription.

Prime Video subscribers who do not also have a Prime Membership will not have access to Prime Fresh.

Visitors and Prime members living in the same home are welcome to shop at Prime Fresh.

How Can I Shop At Amazon Fresh Without A Prime Membership?

There are a few ways to enjoy Amazon’s services even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Amazon Fresh website allows you to submit a request for an invitation to a store near you. If you are approved, you will not need an Amazon Prime membership to shop at the Amazon Fresh store specifically allotted to you.

As an added convenience, Amazon Fresh accepts EBT cards as payment for eligible purchases.

Is Amazon Fresh Free For Prime Members?

Free delivery is available to Amazon Prime members who satisfy the minimum purchase requirement.

The minimum amount before taxes varies by area but is often between $35 and $50.

A delivery cost, which fluctuates in accordance with how fast you need the items, will be charged if your order total is below the minimum level. Between $5 and $8 is the normal price range.

How Does The Amazon Fresh Market Work?

To facilitate convenient online shopping for food and other necessities, Amazon Fresh has designed a user-friendly interface.

To begin rolling, you need to do nothing more than:

Establish or access your Amazon Prime membership.

Just hit the “Buy Now” button.

Shop until your heart’s content by perusing the collection.

When it’s done, you may choose between having it delivered or picking it up at a store.

Schedule your grocery delivery in one of two hour periods, and it’ll be on the house as long as you spend $35 or more at any given Amazon Fresh location.

Your ordinary groceries can be added to your shopping basket automatically for purchase at a later time if you so want.

As long as the Amazon attendant hasn’t started packing your order, you can quickly cancel or add products with no penalty.

Your tip can be adjusted up to 24 hours after the delivery has been made.

Alexa users may also take advantage of this feature to place orders for Amazon Fresh with no effort. Saying “Alexa, add eggs to my Amazon Fresh cart” is all that’s needed.

You may reach out to Amazon’s support team whenever you have questions or concerns about your order.

What Is The Minimum Order For Amazon Fresh To Qualify For Free Delivery?

If you want free shipping on an Amazon Fresh order, your total must be over a particular threshold.

This bare minimum varies by area. Some of the more expensive cities have a $50 minimum, whereas the majority of the country has a $35 minimum.

Amazon Fresh’s website will show you the minimum order size required in your area.

Can You Use Key By Amazon For Fresh Deliveries?

You may utilize Key by Amazon to get your groceries delivered fresh in some areas.

With Key By Amazon, Amazon delivery drivers may gain entry to a customer’s house, garage, or even vehicle to leave products and deter package theft.

To see if you are eligible for this service, visit the Amazon Zip Code Eligibility page. For further details on the program, inquire at your neighborhood Amazon Fresh location or get in touch with Amazon’s support team.

Is There A Difference Between Amazon Fresh And Whole Foods?

Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh are two completely different companies. Amazon Prime members may utilise either one, but they serve distinct purposes.

Amazon Fresh is comparable to stores like Walmart and Target in that it has a wide selection of name-brand products.

Products at Whole Foods tend to be more expensive since they are organic.

Amazon Fresh focuses on standard grocery needs, whereas Whole Foods has traditionally catered to those concerned with health and the environment.

How Much Should I Tip Amazon Fresh Delivery Drivers?

Tipping is not expected but greatly appreciated. Any gratuities are given directly to the driver, and you have up to 24 hours following delivery to make changes.

If you decide to give a tip for the delivery person, 10% is the industry norm.

Is Amazon Fresh Global Or Only Available In The US?

Amazon’s fresh food offerings are expanding fast and around the globe.

Amazon Fresh is currently available in many major cities in the United States and around the world, including major metropolitan areas such as Berlin, London, Hamburg, Rome, Tokyo, Singapore, Milan, and India.

Neither Mexico nor Canada may currently order Amazon Fresh.

When Does Amazon Fresh Restock?

If a store runs out of an item, it often restocks it within a month.

Entering your zip code on Amazon’s website will show you how much stock your neighborhood Amazon Fresh location has.

Do I Have To Return The Amazon Fresh Delivery Bags?

The Amazon Fresh bags you receive during deliveries are not disposable and may be reused indefinitely.

Amazon does not anticipate or require consumers to return the green tote bags they use for grocery deliveries.

What To Do With The Amazon Fresh Bags?

Amazon Fresh’s signature green tote bags are as eco-friendly as the groceries they bring. These reusable bags are perfect for your next trip to the grocery store.

If you don’t want to keep your tote but don’t want to throw it away, Amazon will pick it up for you. Leave your bag at the curb when you get new groceries delivered, and the delivery person will take it with them.

For some orders, Amazon Fresh will use brown paper bags with cardboard separators. Similarly, they may be recycled.

Please contact Amazon’s customer service if any of your packages come damaged.

Amazon would probably reimburse any damaged products if they arrived broken due to inadequate packaging and handling.

Final Thoughts…

You can get groceries and other necessities delivered to your door with Amazon Fresh, the company’s food delivery and pick-up service. If there is an Amazon Fresh store in your neighborhood, Prime members may begin shopping right now.

The Amazon Fresh website allows you to input your zip code to see if Amazon Fresh is available in your area.

Interested in finding out more about Amazon? Learn more about when Amazon charges you and how often Amazon is late with deliveries by reading the blogs linked below.


Here are 5 short FAQs on Amazon Fresh:

  1. What is Amazon Fresh? Amazon Fresh is an online supermarket that delivers fresh food, drinks, personal care, home care, and other daily essential items to your doorstep.
  2. How does Amazon Fresh work? You can order groceries from Amazon Fresh through the physical stores, curbside pick-up, or delivery, some within a two-hour window – even when ordered on the same day.
  3. What products are available on Amazon Fresh? Amazon Fresh hosts thousands of food, drinks, and household products.
  4. What are the benefits of using Amazon Fresh? With Amazon Fresh, you get grocery items at competitive prices, delivered to you at ultrafast speed,
  5. Where can I find Amazon Fresh? You can access Amazon Fresh on the Amazon. website or through the Amazon Fresh app.