Is Spotify Free With Amazon Prime? (What To Know) 2024

Some people ask if Amazon Prime users can access music for free because of all the other perks they receive, such as Amazon Prime Video, free delivery, and more.

If you’re curious if it’s possible to use Spotify for free with Amazon Prime, you’ll find the answer here. Let’s find out…

Is Spotify Free With Amazon Prime?

Is Spotify Free With Amazon Prime
Is Spotify Free With Amazon Prime

Unfortunately, despite our hopes, Spotify is not included in the free Amazon Prime membership. In order to use Spotify Premium with Amazon, you will need to subscribe to it independently.

Yet, if you have Amazon Prime, you get access to a music streaming service. Those interested should read on…

How Do I Link My Amazon Prime to Spotify?

Just follow these simple steps to connect your Amazon Prime account with Spotify and start streaming music and podcasts directly to your Alexa device.

To begin, download the Amazon Alexa app and set up your device.

Then, select Music under Preferences from the main menu.

You may attach a new service to your Alexa device from that page; in this case, we’ll use Spotify as an example.

Finally, navigate to Settings > Default Services where you may choose Spotify as your default music library and/or default podcasting service.

In a jiffy, you’ll be able to play any band or musician you choose, create and listen to customized playlists, and tune into internet radio stations.

Do Amazon Prime Members Get Free Music?

With an Amazon Prime membership, you have instant access to Amazon Music, but what exactly is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is a music streaming service similar to Spotify or Deezer, and it’s free with a Prime subscription. Don’t worry, there are plenty of tunes to choose from.

Streaming music may be listened to on your computer, and there are no skip limits there.

So, how does one start the process of using Amazon Music? Well, it’s simple: just sign up for Prime and you’ll have unlimited access to music on any device, anytime you choose.

After joining Amazon Prime, all you have to do to listen to music is install the Amazon Music app and login in.

Your FireTV, Fire tablets, and Alexa devices will then be able to play music, podcasts, and other audio content.

However, at $7.99 per month, there is a superior edition of Amazon Music that includes:

Approximately 60 million songs.Countless compilations

Plans available that support streaming music to up to six devices simultaneously.

The basic subscription is free with your Prime membership, but it limits the number of songs you can listen to and the kind of devices you can use it on.

What Service Gives You Free Spotify?

First off, you can obtain Spotify from the app store for free initially, but you won’t be able to use it to its full potential.

To fully take advantage of all Spotify has to offer, a premium subscription is recommended.

Spotify has a few membership tiers available, although the premium service may be accessible without paying anything.

Most mobile phone companies now offer discounted packages that include access to online video streaming services.

Some carriers, including AT&T, provide free trials of paid services, such as Spotify Premium, to new subscribers.

Can You Get a Discount on Spotify?

If you know where to search, you may find a few discounts that can save you a significant amount of money.

If you’re a student, you can get Spotify Premium Student for half off (Spotify will verify your enrollment at an accredited educational institution to ensure you receive the discount).

You can find some amazing discounts on Groupon.

You can receive cash back on Spotify purchases made through Raise and Rakuten.

If you are in search of bargains, you do have choices; but, you should be wary of frauds and illegal transactions.

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There are many perks to being an Amazon Prime member, but unfortunately, Spotify Premium is not one of them. Amazon Music is still a great streaming service, and it’s included in the Prime membership at no additional cost.

If you want Spotify Premium for free, you could get lucky if you upgrade to a new phone through AT&T, but if not, you’ll have to pay the monthly charge.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Spotify and Amazon Prime:

  1. Is Spotify free with Amazon Prime? No, Spotify is not free with Amazon Prime.
  2. Can I get Spotify Premium for free with Amazon Prime? No, you cannot get Spotify Premium for free with Amazon Prime. However, Amazon offers a 6-month free trial of Spotify Premium for new users.
  3. What is the cost of Spotify Premium? The cost of Spotify Premium is $9.99 per month.
  4. What is Amazon Prime Music? Amazon Prime Music is a music streaming service that is included with Amazon Prime membership. It offers access to over 2 million songs, ad-free and on-demand.
  5. What is Amazon Music Unlimited? Amazon Music Unlimited is a music streaming service that offers access to over 75 million songs, ad-free and on-demand. It is available to Amazon Prime members for an additional fee.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.