Does Amazon Deliver In The Rain? (All You Need To Know in 2024)

Many people in the United States have relied on Amazon’s online delivery services for years. You can always count on their quick services and helpful customer care support team to deliver a product to you or a friend quickly and safely.

Can the weather impact your delivery? Will Amazon still make deliveries if it’s raining? Keep on reading to find out.

Does Amazon Deliver In The Rain?

Does Amazon Deliver In The Rain
Does Amazon Deliver In The Rain

Even if it rains, Amazon still delivers. Amazon and their carriers (UPS, USPS, etc.) will deliver your items come rain or shine. You can trust Amazon to deliver your order in all except the most extreme weather conditions.

Seattle, home of Amazon, is prone to rain from October to April, in case you didn’t know. It’s not unheard of for shipments to be delivered late on a wet day since that’s just the way things are.

Read on to find out what to anticipate if you are expecting a box on a wet day….

Do Amazon Packages Protect From Rain?

In certain areas, packages delivered on wet days may be left outdoors until you come and get them. As a precaution against water damage, Amazon drivers may use additional wrapping on the bottom and top of the box, as well as plastic wrap, before delivering the product.

In order to protect packages during wet weather, Amazon has created a system. With the use of a one-time key and the Amazon Key smart lock system, Amazon delivery personnel may gain access to a customer’s home and deliver their packages inside.

Similar to FedEx and UPS, Amazon’s in-car delivery service simply has the delivery person leave the product in the recipient’s car. Both choices are now available to consumers in some areas, but they are expected to grow in popularity.

What To Do If Amazon Package Ruined By Rain

Follow these instructions in the event that rain causes damage to your product during shipment:

If you wish to exchange an item, go to “Your Orders” and then click “Return/replace” next to the product in question.

Pick the item(s) you wish to return and explain why you’re sending them back.

You may have to return your time if it doesn’t match the replacement requirements.

You must have a replacement order in order to be eligible for replacement. You will then be provided with a return label to send the first item back at your expense.

Where Will My Package Be Delivered When It Is Raining?

If it starts to rain, don’t worry; your Amazon driver has a plan to keep your delivery dry. If there is nowhere suitable for the vehicle to park, the driver will:

Check the package to see if it can withstand the elements. If it can withstand rain, the driver will let it go where it will have the least chance of being damaged.

If the packaging you’re using isn’t watertight, put it in a plastic bag and secure the opening with a twist tie.

If it is not feasible to insulate the package, please leave a comment. The message might tell the receiver where to pick up the delivery at a later time.

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Even if it rains heavily on the day of your delivery, Amazon drivers will still do their best to get your package to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your shipment will be delivered on time and undamaged. Amazon’s founding premise has always been to prioritize the needs of the consumer.


  1. Does Amazon deliver packages in the rain?
    • Yes, Amazon delivers packages in various weather conditions, including rain. Their delivery services are designed to withstand normal weather elements to ensure timely delivery to customers.
  2. What happens if my Amazon package gets wet during delivery in the rain?
    • Amazon packages are typically designed to withstand exposure to rain, but if you receive a damaged item due to wet weather, you can contact Amazon customer service to report the issue and request a replacement or refund.
  3. Will Amazon delay deliveries during heavy rain or storms?
    • In extreme weather conditions, such as severe storms or natural disasters, there might be delays in Amazon deliveries. The safety of delivery personnel is a priority, and Amazon may adjust delivery schedules accordingly.
  4. Can I request special delivery instructions during rainy weather on Amazon?
    • Amazon provides delivery instructions, but specific requests related to weather conditions may not be feasible. It’s advisable to ensure that your delivery location is easily accessible and provides protection for packages in case of rain.
  5. What should I do if my Amazon delivery is marked as delivered but I didn’t receive it due to rain?
    • If your Amazon package is marked as delivered but you didn’t receive it, check your delivery confirmation and tracking details. If the issue persists, contact Amazon customer service for assistance in locating or replacing the missing item.