21 Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution in 2022

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution – Career opportunities in the natural gas business are diverse and extensive. Jobs in this field can pay well and provide valuable experience, making them an attractive career option. Professionals in the natural gas industry may be found in a variety of settings, from offices to the field, so it’s feasible to find a position that suits your preferences. The natural gas distribution sector is home to a wide variety of lucrative careers, some of which are discussed here.

What Is Natural Gas Distribution?

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution
Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

The term “Natural Gas Distribution” is used to describe the pipes and regulating equipment at metering-regulating stations that are managed by a Local Distribution Company within a single state.

A public utility commission or autonomous municipal distribution system regulates the process as though it were a standalone business.

Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

The answer is yes in this case. Access to the natural gas distribution industry may be gained through a number of potential avenues. We have talked about a career in natural gas distribution in detail, you can check that too for more information.

Which path is ideal for you depends on a number of factors, including your present level of education, your goals for the future, and the amount of effort you are prepared to put in each day.

A bachelor’s degree is often required for entry-level positions in the engineering field.

Some jobs may demand a master’s degree, however, this is not always the case.

Some natural gas businesses provide internships that can lead to full-time employment for those who have completed the necessary formal education.

College programmes can be accelerated for students interested in getting practical experience. In addition, there are several occupations that require no college education beyond on-the-job instruction.

In contrast, the best method to figure out what sort of employment you could be interested in is to look at the qualifications stated for actual positions.

Who Is A Gas Distribution Engineer?

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

Although there is a wide range of job opportunities in this sector, it appears that engineering professions are in most demand.

This explains why there is such a persistent level of interest in the many job duties of a natural gas distribution engineer.

Engineers specialising in gas distribution plan, construct, and maintain the pipelines and mains that carry natural gas from production facilities to consumers.

As the primary party charged with the planning of pipelines and distribution mains, they play a crucial role in the safe and effective distribution of hydrocarbons.

They are in charge of maximising profits, minimising harm to the environment, and guaranteeing the well-being of employees.

How To Join The Natural Gas Distribution Industry?

Best Paying Jobs In Natural Gas Distribution

Could a job in natural gas distribution be rewarding? The answer is yes in this case.

Qualifications for various positions within the business are different because of the wide range of jobs available.

There are jobs for persons with no experience and employment for those with a lot of experience. Even yet, it is not unusual for people to pick up the expertise they need to succeed in their existing jobs.

This can be done through an internship or apprenticeship, a vocational education programme, a four-year college education, or some combination of these.

Best Paying Jobs in Natural Gas Distribution

Engineers, chemists, and accountants are just a few of the various specialisations represented in the natural gas distribution sector. Please check out the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution:

1. Driller

National average salary: $50,862 per year

In the construction industry, drillers are responsible for operating the large drilling equipment. They get familiar with and follow all procedures for operating machinery safely. Tools used by drillers may be chosen by the operators based on the type of material being drilled. To extract natural gas from subterranean reserves, workers use drills to create access points for pipelines.

2. Gas technician

National average salary: $53,682 per year

Gas technicians mostly deal with gas lines, gas fixtures, and appliances. These professionals are responsible for the set up and maintenance of residential and commercial appliances. They may also be responsible for ensuring that all pipelines at natural gas processing plants are properly connected.

3. Distribution specialist

National average salary: $54,710 per year

Distribution experts are primarily responsible for coordinating the delivery of goods via various modes of transportation. They are responsible for operating equipment, communicating with suppliers, and loading and unloading trucks. Supply and equipment sourcing is a major part of the job for construction crews working in the natural gas business, and these professionals are invaluable. The company may ship necessary tools to a plant for extracting the gas.

4. Drilling contractor

National average salary: $54,833 per year

Drilling contractors are a subset of general contractors whose main focus is the operation of drilling rigs. Drilling contractors, like other independent construction workers, must source and maintain their own tools and machinery. Drilling contractors in the natural gas distribution sector utilise their equipment to drill for natural gas deposits in the earth.

5. Distribution centre supervisor

National average salary: $58,771 per year

Distribution centre supervisors are responsible for overseeing the operations of warehouses and other storage and shipping facilities. With the help of the construction firm and the utility facilities, they plan the timely delivery of all necessary equipment for the natural gas business. Managers in charge of a distribution centre coordinate the efforts of their employees to ensure that goods are delivered to the correct customers.

6. Construction supervisor

National average salary: $60,549 per year

The primary responsibility of a construction supervisor is to oversee the daily operations of a construction site. When a customer hires them, they put in extra effort to make sure their design requirements are being satisfied during construction. They also collaborate closely with the design team to make sure the structure is error-free and meets all regulations. They assist build systems at gas-harvesting locations to expeditiously and efficiently collect the gas.

7. Project accountant

National average salary: $61,016 per year

Project accountants are the financial experts responsible for overseeing the project’s budget and finances while the project is in motion. They coordinate with the project managers and the engineers to make sure that the project is finished on time and within the set budget. Occasionally, project accountants may conduct audits to resolve any accounting issues that have arisen. Project accountants are commonly used to oversee the financial aspects of a pipeline build in the natural gas business.

8. Designer

National average salary: $62,419 per year

Primarily, you’ll be tasked with: Designers may be found in a wide range of industries, and their primary function is the conceptualization and implementation of novel ideas and systems. Designers in the natural gas business collaborate with drilling and construction teams to plan out schedules and distribution networks. It’s possible that they’ll be tasked with designing pipeline networks to transport natural gas from its point of origin to its final destination. Designers may be helpful in other ways as well, such as by assessing the production team’s process and providing feedback on how to streamline it.

9. Transportation manager

National average salary: $63,449 per year

Transportation managers are responsible for overseeing a group of transportation experts to guarantee timely and safe delivery of products and supplies. Vehicle operators and drivers make up the bulk of this crew. Transportation managers in the natural gas business coordinate the delivery of necessary supplies to construction crews. Managers in this field may also be responsible for arranging workers’ commutes to and from the workplace.

10. Operations manager

National average salary: $63,595 per year

The main responsibility of an operations manager is to oversee the collaboration of all personnel engaged in the creation of a good or service. Timely and cost-effective completion of development objectives is guaranteed. Operations managers in the natural gas business keep in touch with gas pipeline construction crews to make sure everyone has what they need to do their jobs. Furthermore, they may work along with local authorities to choose the best pipeline path.

11. Distribution manager

National average salary: $70,741 per year

Primarily, you’ll be tasked with: Managers in distribution are experts who oversee operations at distribution centres. To assure the highest standards of quality in all products leaving their facilities, they inspect and fix those that fail. Distribution managers in the natural gas business collaborate with construction crews to supply all required components for the installation of pipelines and the delivery of gas to end users. They also network with suppliers to find the best prices for supplies.

12. Project manager

National average salary: $73,922 per year

Project managers are responsible for overseeing the entirety of a project, from inception to completion. Logistics are coordinated between the pipeline crew, the distribution crew, and the utility facilities by project managers working on natural gas distribution. When working on a project, they often check in with customers to provide them updates on the status.

13. Project engineer

National average salary: $75,818 per year

Project engineers’ main responsibilities revolve around the technical and engineering aspects of project creation. They assess building sites, determine what resources will be required, and devise economic strategies. As a rule, project engineers prefer to work outside of the office, where they may better interact with their colleagues. Project engineers in the natural gas business conduct site inspections to ascertain optimal drilling locations and resource requirements.

14. Officer of Environmental Health

National average salary: $76,036 per year

Officers of environmental health are primarily responsible for enforcing laws and regulations meant to protect public health. They check establishments and construction sites to ensure workers’ safety. Officers of environmental health know the ins and outs of both state and federal regulations on building safety. Together with natural gas experts, this police make sure that flammable materials are kept far away from natural gas and that drinking water is in good shape.

15. Construction manager

National average salary: $77,238 per year

Construction managers are primarily responsible for maintaining order on construction sites and ensuring that their staff is productive. Managers are in charge of organising their staff’s time and tasks. Professional construction managers are well-versed in all aspects of building and can instruct their staff in the safe and effective use of any and all heavy gear and equipment required for the completion of a project. Drilling machinery and the different instruments required to construct pipelines are the main tools of their trade in the natural gas sector.

16. Design engineer

National average salary: $79,343 per year

Design engineers are experts who draw out blueprints and designs for elaborate building projects. In order to compile the data needed for their calculations, they schedule meetings with clients, suppliers, and building crews. In constructing building tools and methods, they take several things into account. Design engineers frequently develop systems to collect natural gas and transport it to consumers with minimal losses and in accordance with all applicable safety procedures.

17. Chemical engineer

National average salary: $81,574 per year

Primarily, you’ll be tasked with: Professional chemical engineers have extensive knowledge of a wide range of materials and processes. They collaborate with design teams to develop sophisticated polymers and alloys, which are then employed in the fabrication of high-precision machinery and sophisticated products. When building large stretches of pipelines that can endure local weather and storm conditions, chemical engineers cooperate with natural gas distribution teams. Since they can locate usable natural gas, they may also play a role in the scouting process.

18. Geographer

National average salary: $83,447 per year

Primarily, you’ll be tasked with: Geographers are scientists who locate places all over the world and seek for new ones. Locating raw resource reserves and endangered animals are two examples of the kinds of interesting things they look for. Geographers play an important role in the natural gas business, namely in the field of exploration for new reserves. Ground-penetrating radar and other sophisticated imaging equipment is used to locate these hidden caches. Geographers assist businesses in determining the least disruptive ways for gas extraction when a find has been found.

19. Geologist

The median annual wage in the United States is $84,955.

Scientists that specialise in geology are tasked with learning about the structure and evolution of Earth. Volcanoes, mountains, and other geologically significant features are common places for geologists to do fieldwork. In certain cases, they may also conduct research in a laboratory and publish their findings in academic journals. Geologists aid in the search for and extraction of natural gas for use in the industry. Geologists utilise their knowledge to make educated guesses about potential natural gas deposits and to advise the crews that actually extract the resource. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in natural gas distribution.

21. Petroleum engineer

National average salary: $88,378 per year

Primarily, you’ll be tasked with: Engineers in this field devise systems to mine fossil fuels like oil and natural gas from the earth’s crust. These engineers typically work on-site to identify the tools and equipment needed for a successful job. Engineers in the petroleum industry often convene with production management and the building crew to plan for efficient extraction with little waste. To ensure they are available to help out when needed, petroleum engineers often put in extra hours while an extraction site is being prepared.

22. Engineering programme manager

The median annual wage in the United States is $103,216.

Managers of engineering programmes create plans that further the advancement of corporate goals. They oversee many engineering departments in huge corporations. Effective communication and strong leadership on the part of the engineering programme manager guarantee that all engineering teams work together smoothly. This is one of the best paying jobs in natural gas distribution.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Natural Gas Distribution?

There are several opportunities in the field of natural gas distribution because of the industry’s rapid expansion.

Some of the jobs in this category involve manual labour like drilling and construction tasks like welding.

Start your job search today on sites like Indeed or Careerbuilder if you’re interested in entering this expanding sector.

There are many available jobs that are a good fit for your background and hobbies. There are many opportunities available in the work market nowadays.


So, that were all the 21 best paying jobs in natural gas distribution that you can choose for yourself according to your education and need. The industry is growing and there are a lot of opportunities out there. Still, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.