16 Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight/Delivery Services In 2022

Air freight/Delivery Services play an important role in the global economy. They use cargo aeroplanes to transport products and commodities from one airport to another in every region of the world.

Because of the necessity for efficient and dependable transportation, there is a significant demand for workers in this sector. Being an employee of an air freight delivery firm might be difficult at times but also incredibly rewarding on other hand.

If you love to travel and are interested in aviation, a job in the business that deals with the transportation of air freight might be the ideal profession for you. In this post, we are going to talk about best paying jobs in air freight/delivery services that you can choose for yourself in 2022.

Within this industry, there are a wide variety of professions available, and each one comes with its own specific obligations and potential benefits.

Management and managerial roles are often where one may find the highest paid employees in the industry of air freight transportation services.

These positions need an in-depth understanding of the sector in addition to excellent leadership abilities.

Management and upper-level supervisors typically receive generous benefits packages that include paid time off, health insurance, and retirement savings programmes in addition to generous pay.

Other well-paid positions in the air freight industry include those of pilot and aircraft mechanic.

These trained specialists are accountable for ensuring that aircraft are in proper operating condition and that all passengers reach their destination in a secure manner.

They are also entitled to a considerable amount of overtime compensation in the event that they are required to work longer hours or on short notice.

Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight/Delivery Services, high paying jobs in air freight/delivery services
Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight/Delivery Services

What Are Air Freight/Delivery Services?

The transportation of products through the air can be accomplished through the use of air freight delivery services. When it is more expedient or less expensive to carry products by air as opposed to other methods, such as travelling overland or travelling by sea, this method is utilised. It is a method that enables your packages to be transported from the place of origin to the place of destination in a timely and effective manner.

When compared to ground shipping, the delivery time for air freight is often much shorter, and it also has a higher degree of reliability.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Air Freight/Delivery Services?

Employment opportunities in the field of air freight/delivery services are many. This is due to the dependability and effectiveness of the services provided by air freight transportation companies. Additionally, the services are offered to everybody and everybody in the industry.

If they are unable to make use of any of the other delivery options, certain individuals can opt to make use of the air freight delivery services that are available. For the sake of illustration, if you are shipping a large product, you will want to employ an air freight delivery service because of the speed, safety, and dependability it provides.

However, in order to create a user experience that is beneficial to customers, it is necessary for it to be available in every location, much like other delivery services. In addition, the quality of the services provided is reliant on factors such as the dimensions of the package, the kind of aircraft used, the location, and the season.

Therefore, in order to deliver quality services, airfield service providers need a significant amount of people. As a result, the market for these services is quite large, and major job possibilities are also available.

how many jobs are available in air freight/delivery services
How Many Jobs Are Available In Air Freight/Delivery Services

Advantages Of Working In Air Freight Delivery Services

The experience of working in the field of air freight/delivery services may be quite gratifying. The fact that these services entail moving massive and heavy materials is one of the reasons why they are frequently referred to as the “belly of the beast.”

  1. The provision of air freight transportation services comes with a multitude of advantages, any one of which may make working in this sector an appealing career choice for individuals. These perks include the ability to work with a prestigious and well-known organisation, access to a range of career prospects, and high pay rates. In addition, these benefits are available to employees.
  2. People who are interested in having a job that is both interesting and demanding may want to consider working in the field of air freight transportation services. Employees of air freight delivery services not only have the opportunity to earn a competitive wage, but they also have the chance to get experience working for some of the most reputable businesses in the industry.
  3. There are a variety of advantages to working in the field of air freight delivery services; hence, if you are interested in pursuing a career in this industry, it is essential to investigate all of the many career paths that are open to you. The provision of services for the transportation of air freight is a fantastic opportunity to obtain expertise and abilities that are transferable to any other sector.

Disadvantages of Working in Air Freight Delivery Services

Working in the field that deals with the transport of air freight comes with a number of drawbacks.

  1. These are the kinds of professions that often require long hours and are frequently quite demanding physically.
  2. In addition, employees who carry air freight are frequently asked to work odd hours, which can make it challenging to keep a regular work schedule.
  3. Lastly, workers who carry air freight may not be entitled for a variety of benefits, like health insurance, retirement plans, or paid vacation time.

What Is The Average Salary of Jobs in Air Freight/Delivery Services?

An annual income of $48,000 is considered to be typical for those working in the field of air freight transportation services.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

If you have a strong interest in transportation and logistics, a career in air freight/delivery services might be an excellent option for your future career. They demand excellent organisational abilities, as well as the capacity to maintain composure even when working under intense amounts of pressure. You can read about this in detail and decide whether to choose this as a career path or not.

16 Best Paying Jobs In Air Freight/Delivery Services

Air Cargo Handler

Working as an air cargo handler requires the individual to load and unload significant volumes of material into and off aeroplanes. The weight of the cargo, in addition to its dimensions, is something that the aircargo handler has to be aware of. This is due to the fact that handlers are responsible for examining the cargo before it is loaded into the plane, and because of this, they need to be aware of any issues that may exist with the cargo that they are handling.

Handlers of air cargo also need to be aware of the safety requirements that have been established by their employers. For example, while loading an aeroplane, how much space should be left between two pieces of heavy equipment? It is the goal of safety standards to eliminate the possibility of accidents occurring during the process of loading and unloading aircraft; as a result, these safety standards protect the well-being of airline staff as well as passengers.

Air Cargo Handler is widespread employment in the United States, and it normally provides a salary of $37,653 per year to its employees.

Aircraft Load Master

Loadmasters are the people who are in charge of loading and unloading cargo on and off of aeroplanes. They are also accountable for ensuring the security of the aeroplane and the payload it carries. Because working in a group with other people is a requirement of the profession, it is essential to have strong communication skills as well as the capability to collaborate well with other individuals.

When loading an aeroplane, you have a responsibility to check that all potentially hazardous products are appropriately packed and labelled before they are placed in the aircraft’s hold. If there are too many potentially hazardous objects on board the aircraft, it may result in difficulties during flight and even cause accidents upon landing. Therefore, you will need to take into mind the contents of these packages before loading the remaining items into the aircraft.

A loadmaster can expect to make an annual income of $45,097 on average.

Airline Cargo Representative

As the job title implies, a cargo representative for an airline is responsible for representing the company and its services. They are responsible for a wide variety of ground activities, many of which have an impact on how effectively an aircraft performs in the air. This includes tasks such as loading and unloading freight, arranging documentation, and aiding clients with their travel requirements, among other things.

High school graduation or its equivalent is required for this position, however, candidates are strongly encouraged to demonstrate their computer proficiency and communication skills throughout the application process. Duties for this position include using a computer to enter data into databases and send emails via a web browser client, such as Chrome or Firefox.

Job outlook appears good given increased demand among airlines for those who are experienced at handling these tasks successfully thus there should be ample possibilities accessible even today, especially considering how rapidly technology keeps evolving too!

While completing these tasks, an airline cargo agent may expect to earn between $16 and $19 per hour (or about $36,000 and $43,000 annually); but, they also have the possibility to earn big incentives when their firm is doing well financially or if they reach specific performance goals set by their employer.

Airline Freight Forwarder

An airline freight forwarder is a corporate employee whose responsibility is to transport goods from one location to another. This may entail things like checking in products at the airport, making arrangements for storage or shipment when necessary, contacting with customers or clients regarding the location and condition of their cargo, and ensuring that all essential documentation has been filled out, filed, and accounted for.

Although the majority of people consider this to be a full-time career (because of the fact that it frequently needs working long hours), those who possess the necessary abilities may really accomplish it on a part-time basis as well. You need the following qualifications to become an aviation broker:

  1. An academic background in business administration or a closely comparable discipline (such as accounting)
  2. Strong abilities with computers, notably Microsoft Excel
  3. Previous professional experience in either shipping or logistics

BLS data shows that the median annual wage for airline freight forwarders was $41,403.

Director of Flight Operations

When it comes to the airline’s flights, it’s up to the Director of Flight Operations to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely. Scheduling, planning, and directing crews, getting along with pilots, hiring and training flight attendants, making sure all safety rules are followed, managing luggage, setting up ground transportation for passengers or freight, coordinating charter flights, keeping aircraft records, managing maintenance schedules, and dealing with customer complaints are all part of the job. It is one of the best paying jobs in air freight/delivery services.

Directors additionally have the following duties in addition to those already mentioned:

  1. Make sure everyone is following the rules for safety.
  2. Take charge of the luggage system
  3. Facilitate passenger and cargo ground movement.

A compensation of $86,000 to $163,000 per year is normal for someone with their level of expertise in the aviation business.

First Officer (Co-Pilot)

To put it simply, the first officer is the co-pilot of the plane. The first officer coordinates with air traffic control and oversees the safety and comfort of passengers during the flight. Furthermore, they guarantee all safety measures are taken throughout the trip by doing things like refuelling oxygen tanks and assisting pilots with any technical concerns.

Tasks assigned to a first officer include:

  1. Keeping in touch with ATC throughout takeoff and landing
  2. Helping with passenger management
  3. Checking that all safety measures are taken

You need to have logged at least 250 hours of flight experience in aircraft of a lower weight class in order to qualify for this level of piloting (such as Cessna). You also require at least 20 hours of flight time with a qualified Transport Canada or FAA instructor (Federal Aviation Administration).

First officer pilots earn a median yearly pay of $68,158. The company’s size, the kind of plane, and the pilot’s expertise all play a role in determining this figure.

Hourly wages for pilots often grow with time in the profession. For pilots with 10–19 years of experience, the average compensation is $86,000.

Difference Between Captain and First Officer

Freight Broker

Air cargo is traded through intermediaries known as “freight brokers.” They function as a middleman between airlines and freight forwarders by purchasing cargo from airlines and reselling it to the latter.

Therefore, they get a commission on all sales; those who are well-versed in the market and have links to low-cost flights from certain airlines or geographic areas have a significant advantage.

The average yearly income of a freight broker is $62,105, as reported by the BLS.

Ground Operations Manager

The Ground Operations Manager ensures that the airport runs efficiently. He or she is in charge of the ground services, including cargo handling, aircraft maintenance, and more. Those in this role are accountable for the airport’s overall training strategy and the development of specific departmental training plans.

The typical income for a Ground Operations Manager is $70.394 per year.

Import Manager – Air Freight

Managers that specialise in importing commodities are called “import managers.” The import manager is accountable for completing all required paperwork and filings on schedule and ensuring compliance with all customs regulations.

It is up to the specific demands of each firm to determine the extent to which import managers will be required to travel internationally.

It’s common for managers of air imports to make $81,825 per year.

Line Service Technician (With A&P License)

You will be responsible for the upkeep and repair of aircraft as a line service technician with an A&P licence. You’ll be joining a team of technicians and mechanics whose job is to ensure the plane is airworthy.

An Airline Transport Pilot certificate from the FAA is required for this position (FAA). Working knowledge of aeroplanes is also a must.

Customer Program Manager

A customer programme manager is someone who oversees the provisioning and maintenance of various client service bundles. They collaborate closely with the sales team to provide excellent service and meet the demands of all clients.

In addition to fostering growth, these managers are tasked with nurturing current client relationships. A bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration, together with two years of experience in sales or customer service, is required for a customer programme manager position.

Requirements include completion of at least a four-year college

Abilities required: Able to effectively convey ideas and concepts; capable of taking the lead in any situation.

An average salary of $55,000 to $80,000 is possible in the United States.

Warehouse Manager

The warehouse operations will be under your supervision. This entails taking charge of all logistical operations, from stock maintenance and order fulfilment through shipping and receiving. You will have to oversee a team of people who are responsible for packaging and processing orders before they are dispatched.

You may also be responsible for liaising with customers to verify and finalise purchases, troubleshoot problems, and otherwise provide a positive experience for everyone involved with your business.

The average income of a warehouse manager is $56,454 per year.

Inventory Specialist

Making sure the appropriate supplies are on hand at all times is a big part of what an inventory specialist does. This work might be demanding at times, but the payoff is substantial.

To succeed in this role, you should be detail-oriented and well-versed in standard procedures for managing inventories. You’ll need excellent organisational and record-keeping skills, the ability to handle many projects at once and set priorities, and the ability to keep your coworkers apprised of your progress.

The typical compensation of an inventory expert is $37,650 per year.

Freight Agent/Cargo Agent

Shippers rely on freight agents to coordinate the delivery of their products. They must complete all paperwork, send it to the right parties, and ensure on-time delivery of shipments.

Freight agents are responsible for filing claims when a shipment is lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit. Both small businesses and multinational corporations use freight brokers, who must be well-versed in international trade regulations and familiar with the inner workings of logistics systems like air cargo transit.

A qualified freight agent should know not just the above, but also the several sorts of commercial agreements that firms employ when dealing overseas (such as international purchase agreements), so that they can advise clients on which type of arrangement would be most suited to their needs based on the size of the business.

In terms of money, a freight agent can expect to make an average of $82,446 a year.

Shipping Manager

A shipping manager’s responsibilities include overseeing the movement of products across international borders, including imports and exports. They also do the customs clearance and carry cargo. Depending on their employer’s demands, shipping managers may be asked to double as customs brokers or agents. A shipping manager is responsible for the following duties:

  1. Shipment handling across international borders
  2. Bringing in and sending out foreign merchandise
  3. Moving freight across international borders
  4. Moving packages through customs clearance

Typically, a shipping manager will earn a yearly income of $50,118.

Aviation Inspector

Working as an aviation inspector is ideal for those who enjoy keeping tabs on things, whether it be the planes they examine or the coworkers they interact with on the job. Earning $61,000 a year requires a bachelor’s degree in aviation or a related discipline.

Since Felix Baumgartner 1927, when he used a parachute to ensure his own safety during flight, this field has existed. Parachutes are still used by skydivers, but commercial planes all around the globe have started using them as well. There will always be a need for people with your skills in the aviation business, because to both the sector’s continued expansion and the government’s stringent restrictions on the installation and usage of safety devices and materials during aircraft building and maintenance (such as seatbelts).

List of Companies that Belongs to Air Freight/Delivery Services

It is possible to feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of selecting an air freight delivery service company due to the abundance of options now available. 

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS 

These are just a few of the most well-known corporations in this industry.


In reading this article, we hope that you have gained a better knowledge of the many different work opportunities that are available in the sector of air freight and delivery services. We have also made an effort to provide you with all best paying jobs in air freight/delivery services. We hope you also get a sense of what it is like to work in these professions, including the positives and negatives associated with doing so, so that you may make an educated decision regarding which professional route is best for you. If you find that any of these positions interest you and offer a salary that can sustain your current way of life, we suggest that you investigate them further.